Bidders Conference Notes/Questions Lease Site Request For Proposals (RFP)

RFP originally posted April 10, 2023 Bidders Conference Notes/Questions 1. Is the amount of parking spots required in the RFP for employees or just in general? a. It’s a general number. The minimum n [ Continue reading ]

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Cyber Security Month 2021 MassCyber Center Municipal Cyber Resiliency

To celebrate Cyber Security Month 2021, and thanks to the MassCyber Center at the MassTech Collaborative, we are pleased to share this toolkit containing resources to support municipal cyber resilien [ Continue reading ]

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Response to Written Questions of Bidders Conference – April 21st

Response to Written Questions of Bidders Conference – April 21st Download PDF. Bidder’s Conference- RFP OOSY FY22 Meeting Minutes of Wednesday, April 21, 2021 Download PDF. Categorie [ Continue reading ]

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Principles of Lean {via Zoom} FREE TRAINING PROGRAM

NO COST  Principles of Lean 101 Training Program. Class Size is 15-20 for Principles of Lean 101 The Greater New Bedford Workforce Board and  MassMEP have joined efforts to help decrease the shortage [ Continue reading ]

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2020 MassHire Workforce Board Annual Meeting and Presentation

On Tuesday, June 30, 2020 MassHire Greater New Bedford held its annual Board Meeting. Along with a recap of FY20 accomplishments (presentation below) and standard business, the Board welcomed new emp [ Continue reading ]

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