If you are an employer seeking a candidate with a specific skills-set, a seasoned job seeker looking for your next career opportunity or a young person seeking the skills to land your first job, we can help. Visit our Career Center website for more information.

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Apprenticeships are work-based training that are designed to your company’s specific needs. It’s a cost effective way to grow your team with fewer skill gaps and lower overall training and recruitment costs.


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Southeastern Advance Manufacturing Consortium (SAMC)

Manufacturers can find additional resources and assistance with training and apprenticesship services through the Southeastern Advanced Manufacturing Consortium.

The state and federal government offer a variety of tax credits and incentives to help you thrive and grow.


Get workforce information about the MassHire Greater New Bedford area including unemployment and employment, employer, and worker data.

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The Workforce Training Fund Program helps address business productivity and competitiveness by providing resources to Massachusetts businesses to fund training for current and newly hired employees.


The workforce board can offer technical assistance, counseling on programs such as the Workforce Training Fund, and as a broker for region wide consortium training grants with businesses in similar industries. Contact us today to learn more!

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MassHire BizWorks can help your company grow and save money by connecting you to many money-saving services offered by the state, free for all businesses.

MassHire BizWorks helps to improve a variety of services for businesses using both state and federal resources. Over the years, thousands of companies have used our services for their benefit


David DeJesus

The workforce board has partnered with us to provide critical grant funded programs to meet our continuing needs. Training grants such as the workforce training fund, workforce competitive fund, extended care ladder initiative, and nursing career ladder initiative have been of great assistance, so that we can continue to provide critically needed health care services to the residents of Southeastern Massachusetts.”

David DeJesus, Senior VP of Human Resources, Southcoast Health System

Michelle Silva

The workforce board acted quickly to assist us in writing a Workforce Training Fund Grant to train our incumbent workers on both lean technical and soft skills and managed the grant for a nominal fee. Our employees have learned to work efficiently, more productively and mindful of reducing waste. Working with them gave us the resources to be able to develop our staff in areas that have made them more efficient and we have been able to do it with approximately the same number of workforce.

Michelle Silva, Human Resource Specialist, Epec Engineered Technologies