James D. Oliveira

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Joseph P. Lopes

Executive Director
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Deborah Meggison

Director of Operations
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Abbey Despres

Chief Financial Officer
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Donna J. Ramos

National Dislocated Worker Grant Opioid Crisis Program Director
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Jacqueline Sylvia

Healthcare Sector Specialist/Communications Manager
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Taylor Nichols-Xavier

Program Monitor
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Deven Robitaille

Youth Industry Sector Coordinator
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Justin Grota

Youth Team Coordinator
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Jamilyn Gordon

Youth Team Coodinator
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Debra Hartman

Apprenticeship Documentation Coordinator
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Kyra Greco

Executive Assistant to the CEO
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Matthew De Oliveira

Apprenticeship Integration Sector Specialist
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As your local MassHire Workforce Board, we design strategies and programs that best meet the needs of job seekers and businesses in our region.

Businesses can connect with us for the following opportunities:

  • Serve as a private sector member of your local MassHire Workforce Board
  • Partner on the design of a training program

For your immediate hiring needs, we oversee the MassHire Greater New Bedford Career Center. To connect with a job seeker today, visit masshiregnbcc.com.

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