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A work arrangement that includes a paid-work component and an educational or instructional component, where an individual obtains workplace-relevant knowledge and skills.


Nearly all! Apprenticeships work for companies who are facing many challenges: diversifying their workforce, have an aging workforce close to retirement, want to close the gap between their workers credentials and skills, want to keep pace with technology, and more. Read more on the DOL site about apprenticeships or contact us for more information.


Over 150,000 businesses have integrated apprenticeships into their talent development strategy. Read over the Employer Fact Sheet and DOL Quick Start Guide or contact us today for more information.

Southeast Data Package 2019

Apprenticeable Trades Deepdive Dynamic Tool

As an extension of the 2019 data package update, a set of new dynamic data tools have been developed to support regional planning work. These tools are intended to act as a resource for users to compare data across regions and generate insights beyond the analysis in their regional data package, Apprenticeships.  Managed by the Executive Office of Labor & Workforce Development, this data is designed to assist in the forecasting and skill development needed for a strong economy.

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Contact Debra Hartman at MassHire Greater New Bedford Workforce Board for information.  Explore the possibilities!

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Registered Apprenticeship

Read over the Employer Fact Sheet and DOL Quick Start Guide today for more information on how to start an apprenticeship.

Southeastern Advance Manufacturing Consortium (SAMC)

Manufacturers can find additional resources and assistance with apprenticeship services through the Southeastern Advanced Manufacturing Consortium.

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