New Bedford Ocean Cluster

Construction for the Vineyard Wind 1 Project, America’s first, large-scale offshore wind project, is well underway out of the Port of New Bedford. New Bedford, home to American’s #1 commercial fishing port, is now also at the center of the burgeoning U.S. Offshore Wind Industry.

For well over a decade, New Bedford has worked to position itself as a leader in offshore wind to create more economic opportunity for the residents and businesses of the region. With its proximity to the Massachusetts and Rhode Island wind energy lease areas, extensive maritime business network, and impressive port infrastructure in operation and development like the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal, New Bedford Foss Marine Terminal, and Shoreline Marine Terminals North and South, New Bedford will provide key logistical support for installation of east coast offshore wind developments and operations and maintenance activities for years to come.

Learn more about the Vineyard Wind 1 and how the New Bedford Ocean Cluster can support your business to thrive in New Bedford’s developing offshore wind market.

Contributed by:
Jennifer Downing, Executive Director
New Bedford Ocean Cluster