These dashboards present data visualizations of workforce information including unemployment and employment in the GNBWIB area, employer, and worker data. Click the link below to also view this data on our Tableau Public site, or view the dashboards below.

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Area, State, and National Unemployment Rates (March 2016 to current) (Updated May 2017)

The graph charts unemployment data for the 10 municipality area of the Greater New Bedford Workforce Investment Board, Massachusetts, and the National rate.

Occupation Data for the local workforce development area (May 2016)

Below is the May 2016 Occupation Data for the GNBWIB area including occupations by education type, entry and experienced annual salary, and occupation type. The graph depicts occupations by employment size, with the larger circles indicating occupation groups with the most employment in the area. Filter the graph by using the filters to the right and hover over each circle to read more detailed information on each occupation.

Hourly and Annual Wages by Occupation in the Greater New Bedford Area

Dashboard of annual and hourly mean wages per occupation in the Greater New Bedford Workforce development area of Massachusetts. Filter the data by number of employed in the occupation, annual and hourly mean wages. Click on the tabs for more views and data exploration. (Source: Occupation and Employment Statistics, Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2015).

GNBWIB Area 2010-2015 Total Wages, Average Wages, and Total Employment (Filter by Town)

Dashboard of total and average wages for the area with filters by town. Includes total employment for region (and filters by town) and total establishment details. (Source: Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development, Massachusetts, All Towns 202 Data, Labor Market Information).

GNBWIB Area Labor Force Participation, Unemployment, and Employment – February 2016 to current (updated 5/26/2017)

Interactive dashboards on labor force participation in the GNBWIB Area with data and filters by town. View unemployment rate for all towns or filter by individual town. Hover over each bar on the labor force participation to view all employed and unemployed, or filter by towns to see details for each area. (Source: Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development, LMI Data

Region 6 Massachusetts Manufacturing (Sectors 31-33) Employers by WIB Area

Manufacturing is a priority industry sector for the Greater New Bedford Area. Below is an interactive dashboard of all manufacturing firms in Region 6, Massachusetts (Greater New Bedford, Bristol, Brockton Area, and South Shore Workforce Development Areas). To explore the data, filter the dashboard on the right by WIB Area, Employee Size, and Town. (Source: Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development, Massachusetts, Employer Locator).

GNBWIB Area Educational Attainment

The dashboard highlights the most recent available data on educational attainment in the WIB area by town. The data focuses on bachelor degree attainment, high school degree attainment, graduation rates, and drop out rates. Hover over each town in each graph for more information including population, school enrollment, and other specific data to each town.

Where Will the Jobs Be?

Curious about where the jobs will be in Massachusetts and our Greater New Bedford region through 2019? Use the dashboard to explore! Filter by number of forecast job openings, the regions, and the average annual salary. Hover over each entry to get the specifics on that job category, including education levels, average salary and total forecast openings.

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