Request for Proposals
WIOA Out of School youth Programs RFP
Greater New Bedford Region
Fiscal Year 2020
Bidder’s Conference April 22, 2019

Question: Can a Fall River business deliver a service in The Greater New Bedford (GNB) region?

Answer:  Yes. As long as proposals offer its services to one or more of the following municipalities, collectively known as the Greater New Bedford (GNB) region: New Bedford, Acushnet, Dartmouth, Fairhaven, Freetown, Lakeville, Marion, Mattapoisett, Rochester, and Wareham.

Question: Does each region have their own Career Center?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What is a WIOA eligible youth?

 Answer: The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA Sec. 123) lists fourteen (14) program elements that must be made available to eligible youth. RFP responses are not required to provide all of those elements; however, all fourteen (14) elements must be made available if a youth is assessed and requires those services. The Workforce Board (WB) requires that WIOA Title I Out-of-School Vendor’s provide at least seven (7) elements (eight (8) elements if you are providing a Hi-SET component). Applicants are encouraged to provide the full array of services.

For additional information on the fourteen (14) elements visit this Workforce GPS site:

Question: What are the Framework Services (FSP)?

 Answer: The successful respondent is required to work cooperatively with the Framework Services Provider (FSP) to meet all the requirements of WIOA youth programming. The FSP is currently provided by The WorkPlace. A required training on Framework Services will be held after awards are made.

The FSP will:

  • complete outreach and recruitment prior to the start of the program
  • determine eligibility for each applicant
  • provide an assessment, including the compilation of test results
  • develop relevant service plan on each enrollee
  • maintain case files on enrollees
  • compile all pertinent data regarding participants, activities and follow-up for entry into a centralized database

The FSP will develop its Annual Performance Plan and reporting procedures in conjunction with the Workforce Board.

Question: What are the funding regulations?

Answer: Under this RFP, approximately $225,000 is available for Out of School Youth programs; the Workforce Board anticipates awarding two to six contracts. During the decision-making process, the funding amount and number of contracts may change.  Proposals that are budgeted for a minimum of $20,000 and a maximum of $125,000 should reflect expected per participant costs ranging from $1,800 to $3,500, respectively. The Workforce Board reserves the right to negotiate with successful respondents on the final program deliverables and funding.

Question: What is the submission criteria?

 Answer: Each submission shall be concise and include in order:

  • Cover Sheet
  • Program Narrative
  • Budget and Budget Narrative
  • Debarment, EEO Certification and audit (as necessary)

One original that includes authorized party signatures, plus five copies and a USB including all pages of the application must be received no later than May 17, 2019 @ 2 PM

MassHire Greater New Bedford Workforce Board, Inc.
Attn: Andrea McLaughlin, Program Manager
Quest Center for Innovation
1213 Purchase St.  2nd Floor
New Bedford, MA  02740-6694

It is the sole responsibility of the bidder to ensure that required proposal materials are received on or before the stated deadline.  The Workforce Board is not responsible for costs incurred by individuals or organizations as a result of responding to this RFP.

Question: What is the review process?

Answer: Proposals will be reviewed by reviewers of the Workforce Board and staff and rated on their ability to achieve the program goals and their responses to program design guidelines. The maximum points earned per section are specified.  Failure to respond completely to a specific item will result in a loss of points. The Workforce Board reviews the recommendations, along with reviewers’ ratings and comments.  Applicants whose proposals are approved may be invited to meet with staff to finalize program design. The process of finalizing the program design is meant to be an ongoing negotiation involving the training provider and the Workforce Board.  The final proposal is subject to review and approval by the Workforce Board, contingent upon completion of a satisfactory cost/price analysis.  The final agreement to contract is contingent upon successful contract negotiation.  The Workforce Board reserves the right to reject any or all proposals.

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