Urban League Of Eastern MassachusettsThe Urban League of Southeastern Massachusetts is looking for individuals that are looking for a career as a software engineer or web developer. Here is a brief synopsis of the program:

MSIMBO: ULEM Coding Academy – Next session March 30th – few spots left…

Msimbo means “code” in Swahili. A twenty (20) week program for displaced, unemployed, and underemployed workers interested in becoming computer programmers. This program seeks to address the IT industries’ issue of diversity and the skill gap. ULEM enrolls 18 students and provides a weekly stipend in the Fall and Spring.

MSIMBO Bootcamp trains talented, low-income individuals to become full-stack software engineers and launch a new career. Students are trained in web development, effective business communication, and leadership.

The targeted population must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age (no age limit)
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Be committed to completing the program
  • Take the Hire Select Assessment

MSIMBO: ULEM Coding Bootcamp covers:

A. Financial Literacy – Our Dollars & Sense Training

B. Resume, Cover Letter & Linkedin Profile Building

C. Languages:

  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS/SASS, SQL, NoSQL

D. Frameworks/Libraries:

  • React.js, Node.js, Express,js

E. Database

  • MySQL, MongoDB, MySQL

F. Tools/Services

  • Git, GitHub, VS Code, Heroku

Our alumni are employed with Wayfair, Toast, Job Case, National Grid, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, PTC,  RSM, Eversource, Liberty Mutual, and InClude Innovations.

Those who complete the program will be eligible for internships/apprenticeships with various tech companies in the area. Throughout the program, case management and job placement services are available. Job placement services are provided to those that complete the program.

Here is an outline of the curriculum: http://www.msimbo.org