We would like you to know about several happenings that are taking place in October. First, the month of October is Massachusetts Cybersecurity Month, and the theme for Cybersecurity Month is “Collaborating for a Secure Future”.  Follow this link for a document highlighting this announcement from Mass Cyber Center & Governor Charlie Baker.

Mass STEM WeekAlso, DID YOU KNOW????, the week of October 19th to October 24th is STEM 2020 Week.

Kindly let us know what types of activities, if any, are you planning as part of your Career Awareness and Exploration Components. We would like to be there to assist in your efforts in these activities that are being spotlighted in October.

Please contact Andrea McLaughlin, Youth Program Manager andrea@masshiregreaternewbedford.com or Brian Silva-Boutwell, Connecting Activities Coordinator brian@masshiregreaternewbedford.com for more information.