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MassHire Greater New Bedford Workforce Board

Sales In the New Normal


As we carefully reopen, adjust to working remotely, and protect the health of our employees; maintaining revenue is essential to keeping their jobs.  By now, you probably have a handle on the impact of the pandemic on your business. What should you be doing to ensure you maintain and increase revenue in a predictable and consistent way?

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Some of your clients may still not be open. Every business has been affected in some way. There will be attrition in some sales from existing clients, increased sales from others. New business will need to outpace attrition to establish reliable budgets for 2021.

Now it is time to execute on your rebound plan and be fully engaged on how you will increase revenue, reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

This is the time to execute on your best opportunities between additional sales to existing customers, acquiring new ones, and penetrating new markets.

This workshop will provide you with strategies for adjusting to the current environment and set your company up to recover and maintain your predictions for top-line and bottom-line growth.

This includes open discussions on what you can be doing today to increase revenue and learn from what is working for others in this new environment.

What we will cover:

Corporate strategy-How to evaluate your current sales environments to compensate for any adverse impact on your sales and develop a more predictable revenue forecast for 2021.

Marketing and sales-With a limited budget and uncertain short-term future, where should you focus your time and resources? Should you invest in marketing, sales or both and how will you know you get a return on your invested time and money?

Sales/Account Management-How to adjust to remote contact and meetings to maintain revenue and keep the funnel full. Creating a proactive, rather than reactive sales plan. Working with your direct sales representatives, resellers or sales agencies to get more from them.

Tracking Systems-Developing tracking systems to know where you are as a team and how each team member is performing, where they are stuck, where they need help and can improve.

All businesses in the MassHire Greater New Bedford area of Acushnet, Dartmouth, Fairhaven, Freetown, Lakeville, Marion, Mattapoisett, New Bedford, Rochester, and Wareham are eligible to attend this free workshop.

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