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January 27 Virtual Open House

SouthCoast Economic Development Investments

Zoom Live Event

Mayflower Wind Speakers:
Christopher Hardy, External Outreach Manager
Will Cotta, Supply Chain Manager
Kelsey Perry, Community Liaison Officer
Dugan Becker, Communications Assistant, Moderator

In this virtual event Mayflower Wind will provide information about its project and present its economic development investments for SouthCoast communities. Mayflower Wind was recently awarded 400 megawatts in Massachusetts’ latest offshore wind energy procurement. The win is accompanied by an economic development package that includes commitments to spend up to $42 million.

Discussion topics include:

  • Project overviewOffshore wind education, training and workforce development
  • Supply chain opportunities
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives
  • Applied research and innovation investments
  • Ports and supporting infrastructure development
  • Low-income ratepayer support